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Heinrich Boll's
The Clown

How to Secede
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a broad mind


The Girl-Woman Blues

This/She is Not

Me and Jonah

the poem ought

in the beginning of the world

Shadow Life

parchment escarpment

Thief of Hearts

A Sweetened Memory

Cold Rice


Never To Fall

Struggling with Punic


Front Burner

Beggardly Boxes

my ontological horror story
Christina Persini - El Cami

Christina Persiani

El Cami
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The end of the Enlightenment is the beginning of our subjection to the techniques of advertising. 
Science, religion and business worship power, driving us into a period of intensive myth-making, justification and the enrichment of a class. 

We've been colonized. 

In service to the global commercial oligarchy, the interchangeable corporate agent is replacing the Individual as a free and resourceful person. 

Beneath the sentiment and scandal of the news and entertainment industries, advertising manipulates psychological structure, creating the illusion of involvement, personal power and identity while charging for the service. 

Be all you can be. 
Work for peace and justice

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Society of the Spectacle

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Century of the Self
Public Relations and the Creation of the Consuming Individual Merchants of Cool
Detouring teenage angst


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Painted Bears

Larry Lynch

H. R. Giger
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I Love My Niggas No Homo
and the Capitalist Insertion of Violent Masculinity into Hip-Hop
by Nebeu Shimeles

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