my ontological horror story

Mike Scalzi


Graphic Novel

by Bruce McKay

a broad mind


The Girl-Woman Blues

This/She is Not

Me and Jonah

Geo Cosmos

the poem ought

in the beginning of the world

Shadow Life

parchment escarpment

Thief of Hearts

A Sweetened Memory

Cold Rice


Never To Fall

Struggling with Punic


Front Burner


Marynoel's Movie Picks

Deep History Project


The Better Angels of our Nature

Steven Pinker

Century of the Self

Guy DeBord's Society of the Spectacle Vimeo



James Robert Strope


Fridays Poems


Herzel Comedy Therapy

a play-within-a-play about ancestral consciousness  by Geo Cosmos



Weeping for Narcissus

3 Films

H. R. Giger
Catchy Name Theatre
Painted Bears

by Larry Lynch

How to Secede
from Business

I Love My Niggas No Homo Homophobia and the Capitalist Insertion of Violent Masculinity into Hip-Hop

Heinrich Boll's
The Clown



Gregory Clark's History of Wealth and Violence

San Francisco Salvo

Quality Literature Since 1997



Beggardly Boxes