Foreign Affairs Latest Obfuscation

image from podcastForeign Affairs regular Francis Fukuyama signed the New American Century, the neocon manifesto that provided the Left with a shortlist of demons in the 90’s including Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Pearl, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Eliot Abrams, Steve Forbes and Jeb Bush, who were called upon to give speeches and write articles promoting United Statesian military power.  He enthused about the second war on Iraq but backed off with the many who saw it as a disaster. 

In his 2018 Foreign Affairs essay, “Against Identity Politics: New Tribalism and the Crisis of Democracy”, he accuses the Left of amplifying identities to provoke the crisis.

According to the Stanford professor, in the early 70’s, democracy was breaking out all over as the world prospered.  However, inequality simultaneously increased. 

“Manufacturing moved steadily from the United States and Europe to East Asia and other regions with low labor costs. At the same time, men were being displaced by women in a labor market increasingly dominated by service industries, and low-skilled workers found themselves replaced by smart machines.”

In his view, the Left, embarrassed by the defeat of Marxism, covered up its political losses by exploiting the  inequality and inflaming the sensitivities of black people, nationalities, religions, ethnicities and gender. 

Additionally, Democrats failed to solve the problem. 

“And the Democrats have put forward no ambitious strategies to deal with the potentially immense job losses that will accompany advancing automation or the income disparities that technology may bring to all Americans.”

Mr. Fukuyama blames the Democratic Party for causing Republicans to become an identity. 

The solution, according to Dr Fukuyama, is for the identities to become more inclusive. 

“And although the logic of identity politics is to divide societies into small, self-regarding groups, it is also possible to create identities that are broader and more integrative… Governments and civil society groups must focus on integrating smaller groups into larger wholes.”

I suppose Fukuyama’s logic is at the university level and so his inadequacies must be deliberate.  He must know that blaming only the Democrats and not the Republicans for not fixing the problem is misleading.  He admits that the inequalities, which led to the troublesome identities, were caused by the increase in wealth.  But then saying the identities must fix themselves rather than the engine of wealth fixing itself is disingenuous.  His calling for a European effort to reform its immigration, while ignoring ours, suggests that he wants international recognition for his hatchet work. 

The article's information is plucked from headlines, its news is partial but it performs the wearisome duty of misinforming lower level public relations.   When you read Foreign Affaris, you are looking at the center of power, which does not care about illogic.  It's not about the truth but about loyalty.