San Francisco Poems


Kelly Daugherty


Never To Fall

What passion moves me

to inject the like

of your soul

and painful rise

of want

rushing my veins

until I collapse

with your cock

thrusting into me

so hard

I lose my breath

in a convulsion of shivers

only to become you

then not to want this

and hearing my voice


in an empty-violent room

where I lay

on some stained-bed

Knees drawn \ Arms twisted

against my naked breast

rocking back and forth

like an infected insect

assuring myself

I will not be touched


only to look above me

where you loom

casting cold-ghostly shadows

of your sad-radiant figure


and drawing my legs

to push an upward-climb

around your waist

like dying vines

strapping life

as you lift me

to let me fall

softly away

from your arms

leaving me to shrink

lifeless in my seed

until I can find your figure

above me-once again

carrying me beyond

my flesh and rise of breath

and to stay buried-deep

within your embrace

never to fall again



Boxing Glove

As you pick-up a book

I watch

your thrown body


to find comfortable position

on a couch

And I

opposite corner

lay in lazy-wake

upon your bed

with my book

A generic-book

I hold in front of me

like a boxing glove


my glance to read

your lines

uncomfortable lines

which seem


and beyond

your room


both share

and for a moment

I felt a sting of


my face

and heat of


as I wonder

if your book

is a boxing glove



Chapstick and drugs

in your left-pocket

money and keys

in your right

your lists

on-going lists


different sized

notepads revealing

alien-forms of

scribble-torn out


screaming and kicking

in the cinder-block

bedroom of your

cellar-to remind

you of yourself

or just remind you

tomorrow is a bran

new fuck'n day pet

with lots of new



with same old fun

stuff of yesterday

same old same old

fun stuff the day

end day before fun

and you can believe


when the cafe-circus

poets surround you

spinning a top-hat

full of laughs

and magic-tricks

their weekend-words are

smart blue babies

sucking the pulp-rot

from prosy-fruit

locking any real pain

with their closet-frankenstiens

safely on a hanger

at home-while you dance

Naked Knowing Naked

above the sick

ring of limelight

screaming and kicking

tomorrow is a bran

new day


Of The Calla Lilies

All the Calla Lilies

long for breath

in folds of

naked somber limbs

rolled white in

bending silence

The afternoon light

I cannot keep

upon you

even wind uncoils


through burdens left

to weaken on ground

turning grey to

white to blue to


Night is death for me

I am not a bird

nor angel

to rise above

muffled sounds of

constant weeping

what is the core of void?




I need to know to understand

complete sadness

and move my glance

above me

and pluck beauty in silence

a desperate mourn

of my sobbing heart

as all the Calla Lilies release

before me

release my breath and

breathe for me

with their lashing

white tongues

darkening my sight



As I shake violently and

walk through our home

like a disconnected ghost

torn between the cracks

of matter which separates

our movements

of what could or should

have been

leaving a black-hole of

departure from your

shielded-kiss brushing through me

but never touching center

and with this

I collapse before you

as you watch me slide by slide

like a cheap-picture-show

for your amusement

not realizing I-am-real

and grasping for anything

concrete between us

only to feel it buckle and slip

into some other world

we do not share

leaving me to understand

there is no difference between

right or wrong / good or bad

these are only grave mistakes

we use in measure

always keeping me half-torn

and choking on grey corners

of confusion

until the after-math of

invisible cancer

removes my being piece by piece

until there is nothing

but myself-beyond

what only seems to be


Never To Fall and Boxing Glove have been published in SF zines.

Kelly has been writing poetry for 15 years and recites in the cafes around San Francisco.

Last Updated March 22nd, 1998
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