Poems for Keanu Reeves

by Katja

Katja is 26 years old, Swiss, studies German, and English literature, and Psychology.  



Dance with waves

I stand at the ocean

while you dance with the waves

wind flows through your hair

like a lovers touch

salty and fleeting


night comes down with its secret net

to cover your breath of foam

I see you sail through sparkling shadows

underneath unharmed stars


while I slip deeper

my heart longs for the eternal sound

of silent waters



dark horses

I’m standing on the top of the world

I feel the warmth of Indian summer winds

they tell me stories

how easy life can be

and I don’t have to be ashamed of my autumn tears


since a long time I feel clam and free

close my eyes

and let this dark horse run





faithfulness or pequeños milagros

I'm standing on the hill again

counting the scents of fresh flowers

summer doves spread their wings

and how the azure blue sea welcomes me

its little islands are whispering:

we are all separate

in times of storm and bad weather

and need each other

like broken hearts the words of

a silent comforter




River’s poem

 I gave you the poem for River

you put it into your blue jacket

while my words disappeared


like shy traces

in a snowed-in winter tale

without me




I’m standing on the moony hill

waiting all day long

until hope is ready

to spread its wings

and fly to

lighter grounds