Therese Marie Pope

Therese Marie Pope is a freelance writer based in Sacramento, California.  Her poetry has been published in various poetry anthologies including the International Library of Poetry, Kay Communications, Sparrowgrass Publications, and most recently Pen Pushers Publications' anthology, A New Beginning.  She has also contributed to literary magazines, e-zines, and web sites including Dead End Street Publications, www.welovewriters.com, www.bayreview.com, www.poetry.com, The Electronic Relationship Advisor, www.powerstudents.com, and www.buffline.com


The Girl-Woman Blues

Who is she
Wonder Woman's corporate sidekick
Slurping down café mochachinos double-whipped
A Millenium Barbie with melted perms and acrid rotten guts
Fried tattered remnants of her la-de-daah youth
Shredded pantyhose moth-eaten wool suits
Who is she
Florence Nightingale on speed
Dripping ugliness over her soul
Who is she
A withered shell
Of a splintered girl-woman
Who is she
She is you

Red Riding Hood Coat

Youth crunches crisply under my feet
Flashes of reds golds ambers
She is wearing my Red Riding Hood coat
Water droplets tickling her nose as I clunk, clunk, clunk
I feel the humid steam rising from the grates
I taste the sour starkness as I walk
Reaching into my mind I grab her
I screech at her to leave me
She whisks away fuzzy and blurred
Wretching my guts I sink down on the sidewalk
I erase her chalky outlines from my soul

Ruined Remedies

by Therese Marie Pope
Into you I go and slipping and sliding drizzling drain me
Slinking souls crash fade
Dot my face with sun lover hurt the night with your eyes
Smile big and wide and forget the hours
Crackle the teeth and dive down
Forget lose me with time
Haunt my mind never say time fades
Life fades flicks past your dry heart
Dusty forlorn forgotten in spotless sands
Memories torn ragged
Disappear dawn and stop me


by Therese Marie Pope
She greets me with lusty yawns
Opening dawn’s rays lifting my power
And my body twists and contorts and I freeze
Feeling flesh mixing with thoughts
My mind trickling into puddles of warmth
The glow frees me and I see purples reds whizzing by me
And I float above myself and I dream mistily
My body follows my shadows


by Therese Marie Pope
Incendiary flames
Licking at docile dullness,
Liquid lava
Melting slackened spirits,
Burning banality
Searing souls.

In Out Through

by Therese Marie Pope
Inside me knows my name
Outside me hurts my body
Over me slakes my soul
Under me sags my brain
Through me shuns my heart
Look at me
Hide me



Dirty Words

Messy words tear into dreamy
Surges delving diving into grammar
Torn shredded disgustingly senseless
Babblings gurglings mutterings in jabs
Punchy floats whipping screams
Through silences tonics soothing surgeries
On brains musty dried crackling
Brittle syllables
Listening looking leering
Peering gazing into freizes
Poking at tongues
Tripping tangling thudding pangs
Pinging zinging out
Spheres suckling fevers
Dripping degrading deception
Dusk dropping weary withering
Domains knocked out by dungeons and dullness
Snuffed out by druggy fuzzy spells
Torturing temptress teasers
Slicing into wounds cut deadlier
Words are messy unclean dirty
Cutting into tidy worlds
Crumbling shattering neatness
In still frames hiding nonsense
Taking up breaths